Temporary accomodation, mothers may stay during the period of pregnancy and for another month after delivery.
Medical care, pre and post natal
Family Life Education
Adoption and Foster Care
Hostel Service
Educational talks
Companion projects
Financial Assistance
Referral Services
2 year Follow Up
Pregnant women (single or married), their spouse and family may seek help from the Birthright Society.

Secondary schools and youth centres may invite the Birthright Society to deliver prolife educational talks

Over these years, the Birthright Society has helped over 500 mothers to overcome their diffculties. More than 50% of the mothers have decided to keep their babies after birth.

1. to provide counselling to pregnant members (married or unmarried) and their families to help them overcome the difficulties arising from pregnancy;

2. to provide temporary accomodation for the mothers and other services as needed;

3. to help the members and their families to work out the baby plan for self kept or adoption;

4. to promote prolife educational programme.